About Us

The Coaching Organisation is owned and run by Toby and Kate McCartney, two NLP Master Trainers and Coaches who have been running in-house and open NLP training and Coaching courses for over 15 years.

Toby and Kate and their team of qualified trainers, formed the Coaching Organisation because of the demand to separate the Coaching skills training from the NLP Training that they run in London, Scotland and abroad.

When Laura Knight and Jessica Bentley began their training with Toby and Kate a number of years ago, they quickly built up a friendship based on similar values and beliefs about the benefits coaching brings to those who study it. Those values of integrity, friendship, support and a deep belief in caring for people who study with them can be found on the courses run across the UK through The Coaching Organisation. Laura and Jess, with the help of a fantastic team, provide FREE Coach Training Courses in London. Toby, Kate, Jess and Laura’s dream of getting Coaching skills out for free to people in UK is now a reality.

You won’t find courses like ours with anyone else.  The practical experience you gain with The Coaching Organisation is second to non.  Unlike many traditional training courses, we bring real examples of coaching into the training room.  If you are looking to become a Business and Corporate Coach you will gain the experience of working with real businesses as part of your course, and if you are looking to become a youth coach, you won’t just be learning skills in a classroom on how to coach young adults, you will actually be coaching them as you learn in the safety of our venue.  We put practice before anything else and value a continued professional development and not just a training course.

Join us for a FREE Coaching Course in London to try-before-you-buy, and let us show you how a coach training organisation really does make the difference for you. (http://www.thecoachingorganisation.com/)
Coaching Organisation Coaching Organisation Coaching Organisation
Your Coach Trainers Jessica Bentley and Laura Knight

To find out more about The NLP Training Company and Toby and Kate McCartney, please follow this link:http://www.tobyandkatemccartney.com